Developer: REDxBLAU

Based in: Leipzig

Date of incorporation: January 01, 2021


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Twitter: @rotxblau
Instagram: rot_x_blau
Facebook: rotxblau.studio

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who we are

ROTxBLAU unites different needs: A passion for computer games and the wish to leave something permanent in the world meet the desire for self-realisation and independent entrepreneurship.


ROTxBLAU is an independent game studio and part of the Betonkiste, a self-managed cultural and commercial center in the west of Leipzig. In workshops and workrooms covering more than 1500sqm, woodworkers, metalworkers, designers - and us - are working together side by side, but also in solidarity with each other.

The Betonkiste is also home to IG Freie Szene Leipzig e.V., an association in which the idea of ROTxBLAU was born and flourished for several years.

Why we do it

Over the last few years, we have been asking ourselves how we can combine different interests and skills to work together on challenging projects. A first order in 2017/18 showed that this is not impossible.

In the following years we worked on game ideas and business models. In 2020 we successfully applied for the EXIST start-up grant with the TROPHIX ecosystem simulation software. Since then, we have been poking our noses into projects that could hardly be more different, with a healthy mixture of naivety, curiosity and professional scepticism.

With Coyote we are now building a game that is based on TROPHIX and offers us the chance to test our software in live operation and to further develop it according to our requirements.

Where can you meet us

We are part of the Betonkiste in the west of Leipzig. You are welcome to visit us here, by prior arrangement and under certain hygiene measures. Otherwise you can find us at various trade fairs and gaming events and of course on social media.

Awards & recognitions


Michael Zoeller

Alexander Zenker 
Concept and art design

Richard Minkus 
project management







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