The app-based game True Fake takes place in the setting of a rally. This gathering is held in a fictional society and by an unknown organization. The users have to react to the mood of the demonstrators in the role of a contemporary witness.




Simulation, Edutainment


30 min


iOS, Android


Be on the cutting edge. Move over the demonstration and talk to the participants. Listen to them to get a feel for the current mood in the movement and get to know the demo events.


They have the choice of whether to instill distrust among the demonstrators, for example by manipulating the protesters with fabricated fake news, or by using fact-based news to restore trust in the movement. As the game progresses, users learn to what extent disinformation is used as a political strategy. In order to win the game, the youngsters have to use fact-checking strategies, whereby methods of journalistic reporting are particularly helpful.


If you prove to be a worthy interlocutor, people will listen to you and believe your information. News? Fake news? Is it all a sauce? Oh no! You can use journalistic methods to identify fake news and use it for your goals.


Gamification and Edutainment ...

... two concepts that make today's teaching more future-oriented, more contemporary and also more target-group-oriented. These playful approaches enable a flexible reaction to the current, rapidly changing situation in schools. Playful learning on the smartphone combines digital topics with interactive methods.

TrueFake was developed as part of the "SpreuXweizen" educational campaign by the Dresden agency Rederei. The aim with the app was to develop a supplementary learning tool for the dynamic dissemination of fakenews.

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