TROPHIX is a graphic ecosystem model that can be used in applications and installations for imparting knowledge and digital games that require a realistic design of the environment. It simulates interactions between individual elements of an ecosystem, simplifies their representation and enables users in museums, schools or digital games to experience the sensitivity of ecosystems.

Users can change the ecosystem at will and feel the effects of their actions in real time. Whether urban forest, fallow land or swamp area: TROPHIX is able to simulate any ecosystem.



  • Representation of multiple trophic levels - Producers, Consumers & Destructors

  • realistic feeding networks - Plant-animal relationships, age, reproduction, resource availability.

  • Real-time simulation of external influences - parameters changed by users affect the environment in real time

  • Provision of scenarios - With regard to ecosystems of particular social interest, the users can be provided with scenarios that mediate between current and future use as an orientation.




Gamestudio from Leipzig, GER



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