Postponement of the release date for COYOTE

Hello there,

We are pleased to announce that we will be postponing the release date for COYOTE until further notice. “So why are they happy?” you might ask yourself. Because we have a great luxury problem.

The number of ongoing and upcoming projects provides a very nice picture for the year 2022, because it is quite complete. This gives us the opportunity to take our foot off the accelerator and take a step back. In short: We are not forced to finish COYOTE as soon as possible and want to use this opportunity to talk to publishers about the release of COYOTE. In addition, we are considering the acquisition of funding to publish COYOTE as we believe it should be published.

If you feel like taking part in the development of our little darling, come to our Discord server and join the testing community. We look forward to outside input!

We’ll see what happens and we’ll get back to you when there are updates for COYOTE.


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